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If You Had The Time And Money. What
Would You Do More Of?


When we ask new clients what they want to do in retirement, we usually hear some general answers: travel, work on fitness, and spend time with family. Beyond that they really don’t know.

The fact is most people don’t have a clear understanding of what they want to do with their time. However, the responses we get have one thing in common – our clients want to spend their time doing things that bring them happiness and to do those things with the people they love the most!

The focus of all of our planning is to make sure all the critical elements come together to bring you the happiness you have worked so hard to achieve. Your retirement will be truly enjoyable if you have adequate:


 Find the ideal retirement age that allows you time to pursue your dreams


Budgeting for large trips as well as day-to-day activities is critical


Maintaining fitness helps reduce healthcare costs and helps you feel great

Retirement should be more than just not having to go to work anymore or having to run your business 24/7. Retirement should be the most enjoyable time of your life. It should be the time when you get to do all the things you weren’t able to do while you were building a career and raising a family. Retirement should be a time of doing the activities that bring you the most happiness. For some people it’s traveling to exotic locations around the world a few times per year. For others, it’s donating time to charitable causes and giving back to those in need. And for some, it’s spending quality time with the loved ones they wish they had more time with during their working years.

Whatever your retirement dream is, we want to help you build it and prepare for it!

Do you know when you will retire and if you will have enough retirement income?  If not, then it would be wise to have us prepare a personalized financial plan that will show you how to accomplish your retirement income goals.  The plan will show if your current savings rate and investment portfolio will generate the capital you need.  The plan will also show deficiencies and what changes that you can make today to ensure you will have enough income for the rest of your life.

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