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Rolling Over a 401(k) Balance

What To Do With The Plan Balance?

When you leave your current employer, you will need to decide what to do with your investment balance inside the company 401(k) Plan.  There are some factors to be considered about whether it makes sense to leave the balance in the existing plan or to move it somewhere else.

After your employment has ended you won’t be able to make any additional contributions to the plan.  Any outstanding loans from the plan balance will either need to be repaid immediately or it will be counted as a taxable distribution.  Whatever the case may be, we can help provide some information on what the best choices regarding the future of your plan balance. 

Items To Be Considered In A Potential Rollover

Many people have the mistaken idea that after they leave their employer the balance in the 401(k) Plan would somehow still be “managed”.  In most cases this is a myth!  The only management available is through an automated program of some type that can periodically modify your asset allocation back to your desired asset allocation settings.  Or you may be able to do it yourself.  Other than that, your plan balance will remain just as you left it.  And make no mistake – you’re still going to pay an advisory fee of some kind.  Our feeling is that if you are going to pay a fee for investment advice then you might as well get expert advice!

So What Are Your Options?

You have four options once you leave your employer:

Withdraw The Balance And Pay Taxes

Keep The Balance In The Existing Plan

Rollover to Advisor-Managed IRA

Rollover To Self-Managed IRA

Larson Wealth Management can help you evaluate your choices on a more in-depth level.
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Rollover Your 401(K) Balance, Get A Projection Of Your Retirement Outlook

Larson Wealth Management can help you set up a Rollover IRA so your transfer from your old employer’s 401(k) Plan will not result in a taxable withdrawal.  We will also provide you with a financial plan that shows  when you’ll be able to retire and what your retirement income is expected to be.  

Here’s what you will get when you transfer your old 401(k) Plan balance to be managed by Larson Wealth Management:

  • Experienced asset manager overseeing your portfolio
  • Trend-based investments to keep your money invested in the right areas
  • Ability to hedge downside risk
  • Regular reporting on your performance
  • Monthly market update reports 
  • Regular meetings with your advisor


We can provide you with a proposal that shows how we would invest your funds, the performance history, and the costs associated with rolling over your 401(k) Plan balance to an IRA managed by Larson Wealth Management.


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