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Small Business Planning

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What Does Your Small Business Financial Plan Look Like?

Small businesses often experience challenges with regards to financial planning for risky situations, market fluctuations, asset protection and retirement.

If you own your own business, you don’t have a traditional employer-matching your 401k or matching contributions. Small businesses often face other challenges such as yearly fluctuations in income, or the loss of personal assets without proper asset protection in place.

You’ve found the freedom to pursue your passion, but do you have a plan for financial stability, asset protection and financial strategy for you and your small business?

Planning For Small Businesses

Saving for retirement is just as important for small business owners as it is for corporate employees. Determining your options for retirement savings can be both difficult and confusing for many small business owners that already have their hands full with running their business.

At Larson Wealth Management, we generally advise small business owners to pursue a combination of the following options:

Small Business Asset Protection

Small business owners must also be mindful of asset allocation to keep personal and business assets separate, with proper asset protection in place. In the event of a market crash or other unforeseen liability, this can keep an entrepreneur’s personal life intact.

Our wealth management team can help you set up specific investment vehicles and structure asset allocation in such a way as to minimize exposure, liability and shield your assets from the impact of unforeseen circumstances.

401k For Small Businesses

At Larson Wealth Management we know firsthand how important planning for your future is. We also know that as a small business owner, saving for retirement might be the last thing on your mind.

Our team can help you quickly and easily set up custom-tailored retirement plans for you and your staff, including but not limited to a traditional 401k.

Benefits of setting up a 401k or other retirement vehicle include:

The Larson Wealth Management Difference

Our Values

Don Larson founded Larson Wealth Management to provide Tempe with local, caring, honest financial advice. Don believes each client deserves one-on-one personalized financial plans that enable earlier retirement, debt-free living, and financial freedom.

Don has over 15 years of experience helping clients from a wide range of backgrounds, from young families to seniors nearing retirement. His financial planning staff set a limit of 100 clients per advisor, so that each client is given the personalized attention they deserve.

Above all, Don works to make sure each client is protected, with wealth management strategies and financial plans for a secure future.

Your Future

Did you know: even though you’re an entrepreneur, you can still invest in 401k’s?

In fact, as a business owner, you’re able to contribute as both employer and employee – doubling your 401k’s contribution limit.

What happens if your business is sued by a customer? Are you “financially enmeshed,” with personal money in your business account (or vice/versa)? Do you run your business as a sole proprietorship?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you’re at risk for losing finances or property without asset protection.

With Larson Wealth Management, your financial advisor will ask these and other questions to help protect your family’s future and business’s success. For those who have combined assets, an advisor can help detangle and protect them. For those who haven’t created a retirement plan, one of our financial planners can create a custom roadmap to successful retirement.

When you have questions about your business’s financial protection – contact us. We’re happy to help.

Interested In More Information? Contact Us Today!

As a business owner, you work hard to provide for your family and grow your business’s success. Let us help you protect against unexpected circumstances, lawsuits, and market crashes, while saving for your children and for retirement. Call us to find out more about what our small business planning services can do for you.

About Me

Don Larson, CFP® is the owner and founder of Larson Wealth Management. Don started in the investment advisory industry in 1999 after he graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Finance.

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